Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Albert's Update 20 November 2012

(Note: we're away for the weekend but I've scheduled some photo posts and hopefully once we're back I'll share with you our first thanksgiving! Hanneke)

It is amazing how the Lord's Providence works! As you can see from the photo above I was blessed to run into an old friend from NZ, now of the US. (By old I mean has been a friend for a long time, of course!) While we only had the opportunity for a brief chat it was great to be able to see Rev Sawyer. I also had the privilege of meeting Rev Tom Tyson, who is due to spend some time in the North Shore congregation early next year.

I also was introduced to a group of men from the OPC Interchurch relations committee, including Rev Curto of Greenville Presbyterian Seminary. At the time I didn't realize that he was there, otherwise I would have made a point of saying hello, as he was a mentor of my Brother-in-Law and Sister while they were at Greenville.

The reason these men where here was for a meeting of NAPARC, which is an association of both Reformed and Presbyterian Denominations. I understand that there were 12 different denominations meeting. Makes NZ seem small! But great to see that the Reformed and Presbyterian churches are working at their ties together. I did not have the opportunity to observe, as I had other commitments, but maybe next time.

It is Thanksgiving Season here in the US. We are learning that it is a big deal!

It also means a break from Seminary for a couple of days. But not from study! With only a few weeks left of the Semester there is much to be done.

I am working on my Apologetics Paper, which is the last big hurdle, apart from my Sermon, which is just about done. Also some readings to finish off for my various subjects.

I also received my first official subject mark back this week. I received a B+ for my Summer Greek Intensive. That is a mark of between 85 and 90%. I was pretty thankful, and pleased with that one. Thank you Rev Vaatstra for helping me lay the groundwork while I was still back home in NZ.

We are having our first trip away this long weekend. We have received an invite from one of my fellow students to spend it with their family near Grand Rapids in Michigan State. Apparently there are going to be around 20+ people there. We are looking forward to experiencing some US culture, and we are going to add our own touch with a good old kiwi Pavlova!

I'll be taking the books along with me, and I think the 3 of us seminary students who will be there will be sneaking off to the library on occasions. But it will be nice for all of us to have a look at a different part of the States. We also get to experience a new time zone, losing an hour going there, but gaining one on the way back.

In the spirit of thanksgiving I'd like to finish with some of the things that I am thankful for:
  • The privilege of being able to learn more about our Amazing God and His Word.
  • The support, in prayer and finances, from all those people who are helping us out in this stage of our lives.
  • My wonderful wife, who is putting up with her studious husband!
  • My beautiful ladies in training.

What are you thankful for?



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