Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stair Race

This happened ages ago or so it feels! This was when the weather was sooo hot that you couldn't go outside and play even though the sun shined outside! Now the weather has cooled considerable and this warmth seems a distant memory! 

We hadn't received our homeschooling materials and were looking for something to do inside, the girls challenged me to see how many times I could run up and walk down the stairs (to the basement). I thought my effort of ten was pretty good considering that I had swam for about an hour early that morning. Well I was WRONG! the girls beat me well and truly  Michaela kept going and going and going until I told her to stop so that the other girls could have a go as well. Kate did AWESOME too and very determined to do better! I LOVE peer pressure in this way, to spur each other on to 'good' deeds! I did have a second go to see if I could do better than my first go but no as Brydie (and Trish too!) know stairs are mean and so I had to 'bow' out early on! Girls kept going and going!

Tigger - I (Hanneke) bet him does that count?
Murray had to have a go too!
Tigger and his helper
Zara - I think Murray is winning
He has had enough!
 (In his defense it was very hot even inside the house!)

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Anonymous said...

One burning question keeps bothering me – what would be the record of the best stair climber in the house (that is Albert)?