Monday, November 12, 2012

School Fair

About a month ago, our neighbors invited us to come along to the local (Private) Christian School Fair. We didn't  know that it was on and we were grateful for their invitation. This is the school our girls would go to if they went to school. (It's about US$5000 per year per child!). The fair is their main fundraiser for the year. The set-up was huge and very well organised with each of the parents assigned to something. Albert had never seen anything like this before! Our neighbors bought the girls some tickets so that they could go and play a lot of the games. The girls and their granddaughter had a ball!

Me and neighbours to the right
What's a fair without some candy floss?
Michaela (blue jacket), Grace (pink jacket)
waiting for a game.
In this game they drop a wooden circle
down the board.
Albert and Zara
Grace and Michaela watching their 'circle' going down
Going down
Kate was there too!
Naughts and crosses
Girls watching some 'fishing' action!

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