Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful for Visitors - Part 3

Grace and Zara unfortunately weren't feeling the greatest when our visitors were there. So the rest of our visitors and Albert, Michaela and Kate took them to Chicago to show them the sights. Since I didn't come most of these photos are taking by Jeremy or Sharlene! Thanks for sharing them with us! Since it was too cold the last night to sleep in the office where some of our kids had been sleeping, we moved the girls to the lounge when the adults we ready to head to bed. Some of the girls thought it was a great idea to sleep in the lazy boys and the couch. Sometimes things are a great idea at the time but practically don't always work out that way :). Also these visitors had a plastic rat in their bed of which we had nothing to do at all! (you have to believe me as it may have something to do with our visitors the weekend before them). 

Zara and Kate
Grace and I in the lazy boy
Albert with Kate and visitors
(notice the museum staff member's photobomb!)
Kate and Zara
Michaela with our visitors

Visitors and Albert, Kate and Michaela

Train trip :)

How many people does it take to decorate a gingerbread house?
The kids were very clever and decorated only some
of the house so that they could share the rest of the candy!

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