Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Mini Vacation to Chula Vista

After Albert finished his oral exam we took a mini vacation to a water park about 3 1/2 hrs drive away. All of our expenses were given/donated to us. What a blessing! Unfortunately Kate wasn't very well that week and we took her to a local emergency room but thankfully it just turned out being the flu. She had a very high fever for four days before we took her in. She missed out on one day swimming but was feeling better and so was able to join us on the last day. Despite this we all had a great time and it was nice to spend some quality time as a family relaxing before another very busy semester. 

Someone gave us a grocery voucher for Christmas
which we used to buy some treats for our vacation
View from our room, the summer water park!
Indoor waterpark
(they had a tunnel connecting our hotel room to the waterpark)
Poptarts for breakfast!
One of the girls on the left and Albert on the right
Kate is standing on the side with Zara coming down the slide
Albert and Grace on the indoor roller coaster
There they go!
Albert and Grace
Albert and Kate coming out!
the HUGE water bucket tipping
Zara, Michaela and Kate
Getting ready to go the slide
The roller coaster
(Girls LOVED this!)
Zara ready to go down on a mat
Looking down from the slides, lazy river on the left.
Having lunch on the last day
(we took our own)
Albert showing off :)
Got it!

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