Monday, February 9, 2015

Michaela's Birthday

WOW Michaela turned 13 on the 31st of December 2014. A teenager in the house at last. We are looking forward to the teenager years Michaela, hope you are too! 

We bought Michaela, with help from grandparents and some other cash gifts Michaela received, a tablet. She was adamant she wanted a tent for her birthday. I don't mind the idea but being the extremely practical parent, I told Michaela that since we have back-to-back winters this year a tent was slightly unpractical. If she really wanted one, she could ask one for her next birthday which would be in summer! Albert and I had debated on what to get Michaela. When we saw an excellent deal on Black Friday (end of November) at one of the stores and our mind was made up, Michaela would get a tablet. Of course the tablet comes with strict instructions/guidelines on its usage. We also told the rest of the girls that a tablet is not necessarily a gift on your 13th birthday. Her tablet has been handy for Skyping grandparents/family, reading and sending emails. Michaela also has been generous in giving her sisters turns on the tablet. 

Michaela had joked that she did NOT want Eyeore for her birthday.
(What's a mother got to do when she is given such an ultimatum?
wrap the donkey of course! hahaha)
No caption necessary, face says it all!
After reading Franci's blog post where Franci made a Pinata Cake for one of her daughters, Michaela thought that it would be an awesome idea for her birthday cake. I did some online research on how to make the shell. In the end I bought some red melting chocolate (on clearance at Aldi, how did they know that I needed some?) which did the trick. A little patience was needed but painting a bowl with melts and then a second coat with real chocolate was quite cool! Thanks Franci for the idea, hope you didn't mind that we copied it!

Cake on the left, shell on the right
I saved the blue ones to stick on the outside,
kinda cool don't you think?
Michaela with her birthday dinner choice, spring rolls!
(Phew that was easy!)
Oops totally forgot about the candles
ah well there is always next year!
Exposing the treasure!

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Happy to see you enjoying the pinata cake!