Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas Eve

We spent the day before Christmas just hanging out, making some ornaments (cinnamon/applesauce), finishing off the chocolate Christmas trees and wrapping some fun presents for Christmas. Christmas Eve was a family affair with unwrapping some presents that the girls had made for us and for each other. (We didn't actually give each other presents nor did we buy any for the kids). The girls also got some money from our lovely neighbors. Kate and Zara bought some more Friends lego, Grace bought some slippers and jewelry and Michaela bought a handbag she had had her eye on for a while. Spoilt girls!

An anonymous donor from seminary again spoiled the girls with a giftcard which we gave to the girls that night. Below is a video of their reaction. Since the gift cards were of significant value we told the girls that we should look at buying a family present. We did some homework on a Wii or an Xbox but after looking into it decided against it. Michaela then came up with the idea of buying a trampoline! What a brilliant idea Michaela! I did some homework online to see which one would be best etc and whether the store where the gift cards were from sold trampolines. The store did but only online which wasn't a problem anyway, the boxes are BIG! A trampoline has been on our wishlist especially since our good friends Garth and Brydie got one back in New Zealand which the girls LOVED! Once we got to the USA we didn't give it a second thought but yet God knows our desires, I'm speechless, we are so undeserving! 

We had fun wrapping the 'fun/silly' presents for Christmas
Grace and Kate helping make applesauce ornaments
Huge amounts of cinnamon and some applesauce
Thankful for Aldi for cheap groceries
(It did feel wrong to make ornaments with food)
Ready to be baked in the oven
All the stars for 11 trees.
I made them for Thank Yous 
Very cool huh?
(Thanks Sophie Gray for the idea!)
A few more assembled
Albert with one of the girl's handmade presents
Kate, Grace, Michaela and Zara
(opening their giftbags from the anonymous donor!)
The applesauce ornament

The Trampoline has arrived!
Albert checking out the contents
Zara and Kate watching
Two BIG boxes worth of trampoline!
(Set up will have to wait until the
warmer weather gets here)

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