Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alder Planetarium/ Shedd Aquarium

One day in January we took advantage of being Illinois residents and went to the Adler Planetarium on one of their free days. I had only planned to go the Planetarium that day and not the Aquarium as well. Albert was unable to come with us to the Planetarium that day. Albert loves space, stars etc so I managed to find an excellent deal on Groupon for us as a family to attend the movies/shows as well on another day. We just had a quick look at the Planetarium and by lunchtime we had seen everything there was to see (not in depth though). The girls did some cool experiments which the Planetarium provided free of charge. So I did some checking at lunch to see if any other Museums had free days. It turned out that the Aquarium was free that day as well for the basic entry (shows etc cost an arm and a leg!). The Planetarium and Aquarium are very close to each other and so we walked to the Aquarium for the afternoon. A great home school day out :).

Kate and Zara experiment with a 'rocket'
(the balloon races up the string
like a rocket once the air is let out)
Grace having a go
Do I have to Mum?
Grace on the space toilet
sleepy Zara?
Sleepy Kate?
One of the experiments was making slime and testing it in various stations
this one is speed
Look how long my slime stretches?
Zara having a go

How strong is slime?
Showing us what a 2-second delay looks like on the space station
One HUGE telescope!
Infrared family photo
Lake Michigan on our walk to the Aquarium
In front of the Aquarium
This is how much the Amazon rises

Pretty cool these tiger stingrays!

Pretty cool lizard
This is plain creepy
(see photo below for explanation)

Zara with a HUGE fish
Spider Crab, pretty cool I thought!
Feeding time in the tank very cool

It was cool to watch the fish being fed

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