Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thankful for Visitors - Part 2

We took the train this time as it was a Saturday and kids travel free on the weekend. 
Enjoy :)

It's a double story train, the kids had a great time sitting up on the top
Group photo

Family photo
(What's wrong with this photo?)

Family photo take two with the correct children!
Albert (left) and visitors
New ice skating rink in Downtown Chicago
Zara looking at the Macy's windows

Museum of Science and Industry front 
VERY thankful for our membership at the Museum.
We not only skipped the line but also we're able to let our visitors skip the line also.
(as part of our membership we are able to take two guests in also)
Apparently some of the people waited for hours to get in.
(all three days we went in, it was like this, packed!)

Grace photo bombing Zara's photo
Visitors and us enjoying one of the exhibits!

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