Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New Zealand Christmas in the USA!

Our last Christmas in the USA was spent with all Kiwis! Keith and Sonja hosted us and provided the meal and plenty of other goodies which were delicious. The guests were our family and Josh and Hannah plus Hannah's brother Hamish and surprise guest Hannah's mother Sue! How cool is that? The girls and I decided to wrap some small silly presents for everyone since I had accumulated quite a few free things through my couponing. It was fun to decide what funny present to give to whom and to wrap them all individually. I had managed to 'score' licensed printed plasters (band-aids) to give to the guests. The girls got given new PJ's from Keith and Sonja. The girls did wonder though how Sonja knew their sizes and their favorite colors etc. (PS don't tell them). Sonja gave us ladies a very cool silicone lid. What a great relaxing day! 

Hannah and Josh with their plasters
The ladies got nice bodywash :)
Oven mitts?
Michaela with her PJ's
Sue and her plasters, cool princess ones :)
Notice the plaster on his head
Hello Kitty for Kate
Princess for Zara
Grace with adult size PJ's.
(She was thrilled with an adult size!)
Me with the cool silicone lid
Elsa PJ's! (Zara)
Kate with her PJ's
(her favorite color as well as her favorite animal!)
Hannah and Josh

Our feast thanks to Sonja!
Pav thanks to Sue!
(decorated by our own NZ artist!)

Sonja playing games with the girls

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