Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thankful for Visitors - Part 1

We were blessed to have three lots of visitors in our home for three consecutive weekends. The weekend before Christmas, the weekend after Christmas and the first weekend of the new year. The visitors all came from the church where we did our summer internship last summer in Ontario, Canada. 

What a great time was held with all. We enjoyed so much catching up with our visitors. We got spoiled with lots of treats, dinners and gifts. Thank you so much! We enjoyed so much being able to serve instead of being on the receiving end. We took our visitors to Chicago to see some of the landmarks and also to the Musuem of Science and Industry. The weather wasn't that great overall but we didn't let that deter us from having fun. For two of the weekends we took the train in. I didn't realize that it was a real novelty for the kids, maybe we travel too much. (Hang on, is there such a thing as too much travel?). Mostly we just hung out and played lots of games, lets just say I won some and lost lots :). 

We had such a great time catching up that we are planning to make one final trip to Canada in Albert's spring break to say a final farewell. As I was reflecting to one of our visitors how I was feeling sad that we wouldn't be able to see our friends that have made over the last three years. She gently rebuked me and told me that it's better to have loved than to never have loved at all! Rebuke taken :). 

Enjoy some photos of our fun in three parts :). 

The Maggi Daley Park in downtown Chicago had just opened and the kids really enjoyed playing on it. 

Reflections in the 'Bean'
Zara and Kate
(Grace in pink)
Kate. The slide was VERY fast
Cool tower at the playground

Checking out the Christmas window displays at Macy's

Big Macy's tree
Oh Mum do you have to take our photo?
(apparently it's a Chicago tradition for some people
to get your photo taken by the Macy's tree)
Olivia and Grace
Boys looking at the U-Boat

Girls photo :)
Some interesting stats about the Museum

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