Wednesday, May 14, 2014

USA/Dutch Christmas 2013

We also celebrated the actual Christmas day at our house this year. We again had Izaak come and visit, he is almost one of the family now, he keeps following  us around :). This time his lovely sisters, Janneke and Esther also came with him. I hadn't seen Janneke in a LONG time and never met Esther as she was born after I left Holland and so it was a lovely visit to get to know each other. It was VERY cold the entire time that they were here but that didn't dthoughtfulirits! The girls (both big and little) got plenty of snow shoveling practice, snow play, sledding, driving and some shopping. Since Albert had time off we had a very enjoyable time and managed to visit Chicago, visit lake Michigan, shopping and go on a double date with our good friends Aaron and Audra while the 'big' girls looked after 6 kids! Here are some photo's of Christmas with more to come from their visit here. 

A Thanksgiving turkey at Christmas
(you see the 'red' thing, it pops up when it is cooked, clever huh?)
It took about four hours
Making cranberry sauce, isn't it pretty?
Animals waiting for Izaak & Girls
Some lovely seminary families came and
 caroled at our home. Very blessed!
Christmas feast!
Christmas dinner
unwrapping presents
WOW look at all those gifts.
(Most of these were donated or made by the girls)

Our lovely upstairs neighbor Jenni made
aprons for all the girls! How thoughtful!
Grace and Michaela
Opening present from our next door neighbors. 

We received some money from a generous donor and so bought some family games for Christmas. We got Ticket to Ride, Blokus and the card game Wizard. 

Also one of the seminary students family who is now serving as a Pastor in Pompton Plains (where we were last summer) stopped by for a very quick visit! Very touching! We are so blessed and God definitely looks after all our needs and even some wants!

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