Thursday, May 22, 2014

Internship Update

Here is a photo update from our journey and first couple of days in Canada. I thought instead of getting behind again (although I'm still behind) I would just post the photo's with just a few words. I know the grandparents in particular are eager to 'see' us. 
Soft Toys coming along for the ride
Girls goodie travel bags all packing including soft toys :).
(Izaak notice the 'horse'!)
This is it apart from our clothes which someone else took for us.
Kate and Zara were counting down the days!

Beautiful flowers await us in our 'new' house
Kitchen complete with banana's and Twinings Early Grey Tea.
(What more could a girl want?)
Lounge :)
Girls making a welcome sign on the front steps
More flowers waiting for me :)
We can't drink the tap water and so
they provided this 'posh' water cooler!
mmm maybe they knew I liked flowers :)
Zara finally eating her lollypop that
she got for her birthday
Kate reading on her new kindle
Selfie with Albert
Welcome to Ontario!
oh look KM!!! not miles
Look what we came across :)
Oh look a different flag even
We haven't tried it yet but a Canadian Icon apparently 
PS I'm pleased to report that Canada knows what a 'computer chip' aka smartcard is! Oh yah, I'm liking Canada already, no more swiping credit cards, inserting card instead. I'm using my NZ onesmart card to pay for everything without fees, oh yah I LOVE smart cards!

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