Friday, May 16, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.......

Oh Christmas tree where did you go? You see when a student has a few weeks off + relaxes + a fellow students ask him to look after his Christmas tree + a steady supply of Christmas trees = prank! 

So Albert being spurred on by Izaak (and maybe me) proceeded to take down our Christmas tree and put it up at his very good friend's (or was a very good friend) house. His very good friend (you know who you are Aaron!) doesn't really 'care' for Christmas very much but his very lovely wife does. So Albert decided to extend the Christmas feel in the house a wee bit longer and surprise his wife while at the same time playing a prank on his good friend. Albert was slightly worried on how he would take it but his wife and boys thought it was the best thing ever when they walked through the door, so mission accomplished! So fellow students if you are reading this, beware, Christmas trees might be invading you one day! 

Where our Christmas tree used to be
oh, Christmas decorations on the stairs,
complete with lights and notice
 the wreath in the background, lovely isn't?
oh another one next to his beloved coffee maker
a white one, next to the sink

be thankful that that one didn't come with lights also
optic fiber Christmas tree of which
there were several, pretty!
Oh look there it is, our christmas tree!
(complete with photo's of our girls on the tree!!)
Their christmas tree
oh and wait another optic tree

so pretty!

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