Saturday, May 10, 2014

Random November 2013

Here are some more random photo's. I'm still trying to catch up on my all photo's etc. So decided to do a big catch up 'random' post. 

'Donut' muffins. YUM!
Refried (homemade) beans in Tortillas.
(Cheap, nutritious, easy and YUM!)
My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner - Chocolate & Pecan Pie!
Free haul at Black Friday - The Girls photo bombed it! 
Schooling, notice the 'school' donkey!
Thanksgiving weekend sledding at the Warner's Senior!
(Grace and Zara)
Michaela and Josiah
Grace's artwork
Some artwork I did for a baby shower. Notice the NZ Theme?
We could not resist another NZ theme!
(with a double meaning even!!)
oh oh, I washed a bird.. I mean feather pillow :(

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