Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Day Off In Ontario - 23/5/14

Ok, so here is our day off/exploring in pics. Enjoy :)

Canadian Falls
(notice the boat?)
American Falls
(This is so surreal, seeing another country across the river!)
The girls with the Canadian Falls in the back ground
Girls with the American Falls in the background
Closer up view of the Canadian Falls, very impressive!

What a lovely couple!
We stopped at a tourist 'mall' as there were ladies (ok maybe me!) who needed to use the restroom. I'm glad we stopped as we were able to watch a glass blowing demonstration! Very impressive!
The start of a vase
It's getting bigger
Add some decorations, awesome team work
Firing oven
Creating a opening of the vase
Inside the tent, see below
another tourist opportunity

Having lunch, chocolate spread on crackers, YUM
Further down the Niagara River - Whirlpool
Albert and girls :)
For dinner we caught up with a graduate of MARS and his family.
It was very nice to catch up.

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