Saturday, May 24, 2014

Balls Falls Ontario

Monday was a holiday and so a family from the church invited us to go with them to Balls Falls, Ontario. It was great to go for a bushwalk and see some of the Canadian landscape! Here are some photo's :). 

My girls with their new found friends 
An old mill site
Sorry wrong way :( here is the mill info :)
Upper Falls
It was hard to get a photo with people in it.
Notice the ledge on the left, a couple was sitting there
but finally they left and so hence this photo 
Inside an old church onsite
Interesting, 'The Coopers'
Papa was thinking of you :)
This is how they got out tree stumps.
The contraption was 'turned' by a horse
The old water wheel
Lower falls at Balls Falls
Apparently this is a 'true' waterfall as the height and
the width are the same size, I didn't know that did you?
Proof that Albert, Zara and Kate were there.

Enjoying a 'sour' lollypop.
Kids enjoyed it, adults not so much

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Michelle Kloosterman said...

Hey, we've been there! : ) Pete had a summer internship at St. Catherines after our first year at MARS. We really enjoyed the beautiful area with so much to see and do. Hope you have a lovely time.