Monday, March 16, 2015

Des Moines

Albert had the opportunity to preach again at Des Moines. We went also in 2013 you can read about it here. We went a week after the huge snowfall due to the Blizzard so the journey there was beautiful. We decided this time to drive up Friday after lunch. We again stayed with Tom and Barb. Tom is an elder at the church. What a blessing to be able to catch up again and be spoiled. We LOVED visiting you Tom and Barb. I made a Pavlova for them which I left in the oven, ooops! I did make another one at their house which was well received, who doesn't like Pav? We drove home again on Monday. 

Beautiful sunset

Girls played in the creek again this time there was ice.
Kate testing out the ice

So much fun until you put your foot through the ice!
(this was inevitable of course! thankful it was very warm that day!) 

Grace getting wet feet!

Since it had warmed up, it was perfect for snowman building

Not sure who was having more fun, Tom or the girls?

Michaela and her snowdog

Girls with the snowman and snow girl :)
Albert on the receiving end of snowballs

Tom taking 3D photo of the girls
(one of Tom's many hobbies!)

Capitol of Des Moines
Tom and Barb took us a local Museum which was fun! (If you have read the blog for a while now, you know we LOVE Museums!)
Trying to find where NZ is on the globe
There it is!
Father and daughter (Grace)
Father and daughter (Zara)
Father and daughter (Michaela)
Father and daughter (Kate)
how many heads can we squeeze in?
Family Photo in front of a quilt of Iowa
Being treated to a movie in their new basement room
pull out couch/beds
Family snow photo
(we tried to take a photo without sunglasses, sun was too bright!)
Sunday dinner
(I told you we were spoiled!)
Tom kept the girls very busy showing all his collections

Even Albert got involved in building!

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