Saturday, March 14, 2015

Before the Blizzard.....

At the end of January beginning of February we had an official Blizzard! Quite an experience. On Saturday the Blizzard warning was given but there was no snow on the ground at all, I didn't take a photo of that, I should have! It started snowing on Saturday night and didn't stop until sometime early Monday morning The blizzard was supposed to 'hit' mid afternoon on Sunday with warnings until early Monday morning. It was the fifth biggest snowfall in Chicago's history with 19.3inches (49cm) of snow. Church was cancelled for both services which was quite weird. We listened at home to one of Uncle Daniel's sermons instead! These photos were taking on Sunday BEFORE the blizzard hit, tomorrow I will post the photos after the blizzard!

Grace having fun with friends
The easy way!
We walked most of the way to the sledding hill. Fun!
on the way back
Yes there is a road somewhere in there!
Ok here is a road, hard to spot though :)
(obviously side roads were low priority for the snow ploughs!)
That's our front door
Quite a bit of snow!
Snow Blower!
(I did some of the paths as well, lots of fun!)
Front door
Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm standing in the middle of the road to take the photo!
On our way to the sledding hill
There it is!
Sliding down the stairs, since the snow was so powdery,
 it was hard to slide on the hill itself


Snow family photo!
Aaron and Albert about to start a snowball fight
Albert (blue) and Tad (orange) having a snow fight. 
oh, I think Albert lost

Snow fights with the kids
Michaela throwing a snowball at Albert
Driving conditions on the way home
(Sunday lunch time BEFORE the blizzard)

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