Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zara's Birthday

Zara turned 7! I haven't got many photos maybe because it was Sunday? Or because she didn't want a cake? (she wanted ice cream instead) Or because we didn't have a party like we have had in previous years? (This year including Michaela, we told the girls no birthday party instead we will have a farewell party!) For dinner she requested Swedish meatballs, meatballs in a cream sauce over rice, YUM! 
We did go to the Zoo the day before as a family which was lots of fun, photos to follow!

A pony for her collection :)
Michaela crocheted slippers for Zara.
Thanks to several financial contributors Zara was able to
get the Friends Lego Dolphin Cruiser as her main present!

Some small Lego sets from us!
Zara assembling/building her Dolphin Cruiser.
It took her all Sunday afternoon and Monday morning!
The girls have been very blessed with receiving lots of Friends Lego for presents. They have played with it a lot over winter especially since it's been so cold!

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