Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random February 2015

I didn't realize that I took so many photos in February that two random posts were need for this month. I'm sure you won't mind. We took advantage of the cold temperature and managed to skate on the Seminary pond one afternoon. Some photos are also of our homeschooling group which was cancelled because of snow and so instead those that came out played some hilarious games. 

First skate for at least a year!

Albert and his girls!

One of the games was using your face to make the oreo go from your forehead to your mouth! My excuse for not participating was that someone had to take photos :)!

Listening to instructions to draw on the paper plate on your head!
Very funny!
Kate's drawing!
Girls doing craft with clay
(Good Mum Reward that day!)

Sledding at yet another hill with friends

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