Sunday, March 15, 2015

After the Blizzard.....

Blue skies with lots of snow :). We went sledding again and took a hike into the local forest reserve to have a look at the snow on the trees. 

Snow plows are great but see
what it did to my driveway bottom right?
I shoveled that! 
Look at that! Also look at the wall! 
Roads aren't too bad but still very slippery.
Top of the sledding hill (different one than yesterday!)
Our crowd (Aaron came with the two boys)
Yes I had a go as well!
Grateful for snow gear and sunglasses!
(toasty warm)
Grace and ......

Josiah and ...... ohoh EJ
(Eyeore Junior) came for sledding fun!
Cool photo if I say so myself!
Shadow family photo by Aaron
Different angle
I LOVE this photo
(notice which way the snow blew?)
Michaela, Grace and Kate
(Thanks Pam and Sharlene for the hats!)
Albert and Zara
Ok if we have to....
Snow fight
(look how deep it is?)
Girls in their own snow angel hut!
We headed home after that to warm up!

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