Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Zara's Pony's

This is a picture post, mostly for the grandparents, so feel free to skip this post :). 

Here are some facts about Zara's Little Pony's:
  • Did you know that Pony's get dirty often?
  • Did you know that Pony's need lots and lots and lots of baths?
  • Did you know that our new bathroom sink is the perfect bath/swimming pool for Pony's?
  • Pony's get tired after bathing.
  • Pony's like to sleep next to the washing machine
  • Pony's hair gets very very knotty and so needs lots and lots of brushing and combing.
Following is some photo proof of those facts presented above!

Zara and Michaela 'disinfecting' the pony stuff.
(this happened on a Saturday morning while the parents of Zara were fast asleep!)
 A disinfecting chain!
(I think the girls got the idea from mainly music as we disinfected all the toys in the holidays.)

Drying the Pony's
Grace helping dry
Perfect size for the pony's
Having a wash (can you see the soap?)
Camera smile
Pony having a swim 
Nice and clean 
Pony's are tired after a bath and need a sleep!
All the Pony's
PS These photo's were taking over several weeks, obviously Pony's get very dirty and need baths often! I'm hoping that we will be able to take most of the Pony stuff with us on the plane!

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