Sunday, July 22, 2012

Murray with the VdH Family

The girls have embraced the "Murray" project and he is now having scheduled time with each of the girls as they were fighting over him. Here is a post in pictures of what we got up to in the weekend with Murray as our guide!

Having afternoon tea with the cousins
Sisters at the pool with Murray
Having a Gourmet, very yummy, thanks Mama!
The table all set and ready to go with lots of very yummy meats!
I hope he bought his togs? 
Going to the pool
Papa caught us while taking a Murray photo!
Albert and ?
Does it need a caption?
Kate with Nemo!
We had a very nice weekend with our VDH family! It is always nice for the girls to play with their cousins. We had a lovely Gourmet dinner and swim at the pool. Thanks heaps Papa and Mama for the family weekend. It is sad to leave family behind and friends but we know that it is for the right reasons! 

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