Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly update

Mt Ruapehu
Here is another quick bulletin form update:

  • Greek - Albert sat his Greek Exam last Thursday and was not very confident about how well he did. It was an exam designed to see how much knowledge he had. The exam tested two years of work, Albert to date has done half a year. He found the exam quite difficult. He was pleasantly surprised and thankful to hear back from his Greek Professor yesterday that he had passed out of the first half of summer Greek. Yet another example of how the Lord has blessed us. It means that we have ample time to settle in before Albert starts his studies. 
  • Packing our suitcases - Doing pretty well on this, I haven't managed to fit it all in 7 suitcases as hoped and so we went out and bought an eighth one! I hadn't thought about fitting in all our PJ's and all our winter jackets. We could take the jackets on the plane but I've opted for the less stress option and will pack all our jackets in our suitcase. (which brings me to the next bullet point)
  • Weather - Well while we were at staying at Peter and Elizabeth's, Wanganui had it's coldest night in a long time, official temperature was -2C but unofficial -7C. See lovely photo above :). The Chicago weather on the other hand has been very hot, about 36C, they are having a heatwave. I don't think we'll be needing our winter jackets somehow!
  • Lasts - There were quite a few lasts, in the last week. My last Wanganui Swim, last lunch with Meg (my fellow Heading dog lover!), birthday lunch with my training buddies, Albert's farewell party.
  • The House has been sold, everything went smoothly, and the new owners are very happy.
  • Surprise! - We managed to finish all the packing and most of the paper work by Tuesday. So we decided to 'surprise' Albert's Mum with a couple of day visit before I have my family reunion. We had to tell someone and so Albert's Dad was informed but he managed to keep it a surprise and a surprise it was!
  • Family Reunion - From Friday until Monday we are having my family reunion at my parents house. The girls are looking forward to it. Unlike Albert's side of the family, the grandchildren consists of one boy and 6 girls! 
  • Plane - We are flying out of Palmerston North on Monday afternoon (4 more sleeps!) to Auckland, Auckland to SanF, SanF to Chicago. Time wise we are leaving around 4pm from P'North and arriving in Chicago 10pm the same day. Beyond my comprehension!
  • Murray - A new addition to our family, watch out for some of his own blog posts!

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