Saturday, July 7, 2012


We have been at Faith for the last 6 years and we are very sorry to leave the school behind. We have been soo impressed by their willingness to work together to educate our girls. We've seen Faith as a partner in educating our girls. The teachers are AWESOME, we can't say enough about all of the staff and teachers at the school. All of our girls at school have thrived and are sad to leave. It has been very humbling and a great privilege to get to know other Christians in our community. 

A new education adventure is awaiting us, homeschooling! It scares me. On a funny note, Albert after the parent/teacher interviews, realised that at least two of the girls are about 2 years ahead of where they should be. So his reaction to this was, "so we don't have to 'school' them for at least two years!" Hahahaha, very funny Albert. 

Mrs McLeay at the girls farewell assembly  
Girls from their own class praying for our girls 
Kate and Hannah. Hannah was Kate's buddy.

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