Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Big News!!!
We've got a stowaway on our adventure to America. Shelia at Albert's work farewell party gave us a 'Kiwi' that sings the 'Haka'. What an awesome present. Since Albert is very outnumbered on the male front, I asked him to name the "Kiwi" and so hence the name 'Murray' was born! So I thought it would be nice to have Murray appear/participate in our adventures, so watch out for him, he might appear when you least expect it!

Murray in 'his suitcase' aka Albert's laptop bag.

Kate and Murray

Michaela and Murray

Sisters and Murray

Can you spot Murray outside the lawyers office?

We took the girls up Te Mata Peak as they had never been there.
This is the view

Murray watching/learning about the Bible

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