Thursday, July 5, 2012

Packing and some more lasts

I'm was pretty organised and managed to pack most of the house by Friday but there is always a few last things to be done. Albert had a farewell party at work on Friday night and so after putting girls to bed and having a cup of tea we tackled the rest. We didn't get to our bed until about 2am but the bulk of the work was done! 

Very early Saturday morning we were at it again, having a last breakfast in the house. Michaela had a sleep over at her best friend India and so missed our last meal. 

Having the last of our food for breakfast, eggs!

There were two things I neglected to think about, that I only realised on Saturday, I had not thought about cleaning the fridge as I had made cleaning a low priority as that could be done on Monday. The fridge needed to go in the container, oopps, thankfully there were so many helpers to help us with packing the container that Albert helped me give the fridge a good clean. (Also Levi was a big help!). I also neglected to think about morning tea for the hard working crew. Again God hadn't and so Peter went and got the cups etc that were needed and there was leftover pizza for morning tea. One of Albert's patients had made him a chocolate banana cake which went down a treat. See I needed not have worried, God had it all under control even when I didn't!

Following are some pictures me packing our suitcases. 
The lounge was turned into a suitcase packing station
My very helpful 'crew'. They have only one job
and that is stick with their owner!! (we can't go back if they are left behind)
Tigger and the Clifford Crew

Little Jules and Big Jules
Another post with regard to packing the container is coming.....

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