Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kate's Red Birthday Party!

This is a photo post of Kate's 6th Birthday Party. This was her first real party with her school friends and so we pulled out all the stops for her. Kate's favourite colour is Red, in case you didn't know and so we themed her party to her favourite dog "Clifford" and the colour RED! (in case anyone needs an explanation re the colour red, what colour is Clifford?) Even the guests came dressed in RED!

Kate's 'birthday cake'. Cupcakes with 'K' and 'C' on them for.... (hint, not our last name)

 Kate and I had lots of fun grocery shopping for her party. Of course everything had to be red, grapes, lollies, drink, plates, red apple, red straws etc!

 Michaela and Grace even made red 'slingers' for Kate!

You can't have a party without some girls to party with!

Kate didn't like the popcorn and told me that Clifford could eat it ;) (PS notice Clifford's new collar!)

Having Lunch, what else but frankfurters?

Clifford 'guarding' all the cards and presents! Kate was so spoiled, she will have fun shopping for some Clifford stuff in America!

Colouring in, who but Clifford of course. One thing I hadn't thought of is that you need red pencils/crayons/felts to colour in Clifford. Thankfully the girls were pretty good at sharing, one girl even coloured Clifford purple! 

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