Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Quickly...

We're pretty busy organising the house and the last of our stuff, so here is a quick update in bullet form :). (In no particular order)

  • Greek - Hans V made Albert a mock exam which Albert did last week. He scored 86% on everything he has learned so far! Well done! He is sitting an exam to see what level he can test out off tomorrow afternoon from the Seminary. So prayers for Albert would be appreciated. 
  • Container - This will be delivered hopefully tomorrow morning! Albert has the day off tomorrow and will make sure everything is where it should be. Hopefully we can show some pictures in the future. 
  • House Packing - I'm on track, Lounge, Girls rooms, all cupboards/wardrobes, Garage are all done. The Garage is full of our stuff, I'm not sure how it will all fit in the container. Brydie is helping me tomorrow to help clean some of my appliances as I can't have any grease on them for three years. (imagine that!)
  • Plane Packing - This is on track also, I've managed so far to fit all the girls clothes in two suitcases, my clothes in about 3/4 of a suitcase and Albert's in a suitcase. That leaves about 1 suitcase for our sleeping bags and one suitcase for misc stuff, some toys, cookbooks (Can't live without Sophie Gray) and some of our 'fitness' gear. Not sure at this stage whether will need a 7th suitcase we will play that by ear!
  • Rice - You are all are very keen to know, no doubt, what the state of the rice is? Ok I've got about 500grams left, that's pretty impressive I think!
  • Done all the health checks, dentists, eye checks etc. 
  • School - Girls got their reports today, they are thriving! We also had the parent/teacher interviews today which gave us some good pointers to think about in terms of homeschooling. We will miss the school!
  • Lasts - there are plenty of 'lasts' this week, some good but mostly sad :(. 

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