Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A quick update...

Beautiful Wanganui!

Here is a quick update in bullet point format: (in no particular order)
  • Sonlight Curriculum - Thanks to Jenny W, I've been in contact with a lady who is using the curriculum. Jane was very patient with me in answering all my questions. So my homework re curriculum is so far so good! Another point Jane raised when I questioned her regarding the cost of the curriculum was that for her own private school, the fees are very cheap but the quality is far superior! WOW hadn't thought about that!
  • Tabby - is gone, he deserves a post all on his own as he's the king
  • Container - We've done some research with regard to how to store our stuff! We didn't want to sell it all but to store it somehow if possible. After looking at different options, we've decided to buy a container which works out much cheaper than hiring one. Hopefully it will arrive in the next week. We are aiming to pack it all on the 30th of June. 
  • People Mover - is sold!
  • Albert's Greek - He managed to 'talk' to his professor via Skype which was very helpful and he is at looking at doing his Greek Exam soon. His studies with Hans are continuing to go well, although it is not easy to memorise all those words! Both Michaela and Grace have been very helpful in 'testing' Albert using his flash cards. 
  • Packing - This is going well. I'm restraining myself, if it was up to me the whole house would've been packed by now. I'm struggling sometimes to see the 'tree' in front of the forest but as a very famous lady once said "The beginning is a very good place to start". Albert is good at starting at the beginning and I was very thankful for his help in tidying up the garage. It's all looking nice and organised now. 
  • Rice - Had to mention the status of the rice! It's going well, there will be probably some leftover but the 'end' is in sight! (It was a 25kg bag of rice!)
  • Luggage - Worth a mention! Buying one is a minefield, which one oh which one. I didn't want to buy 'dirt' cheap ones just in case it empties itself in SanF nor did I need a 'gold' plated one! We ended up buying 4 brand new ones from a local luggage place in Wanganui. They gave me a bit of a discount and they were very reasonable priced plus they are light. The colours are worth mentioning as we're a mostly girl household. One pink one, two purple ones and one red one. :)
  • Facebook - I am on FB if you like to follow me: Hanneke Couperus

PS I've now added an e-mail subscription so that you can get our new post directly to your inbox! (if you wish ofcourse ;) ) 

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