Friday, June 29, 2012

A few photo's of 'lasts' :(

Here are just a few photo's taken this week of 'lasts'. Seeing some of the girls favourite teachers for the last time and our last mainly music session. 

Grace and Mrs Nixon. Grace has really taken to her and has really enjoyed spending time with her. 
Kate and Mrs McLeay
This is Kate's first year with her but this is the fourth year that Mrs McLay has taught our girls. I truely believe that teaching is a gift and she certainly has it! (so do all of the teachers at the school). I really admire teachers! It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with the school to educate our girls. The girls are thriving. 

Mainly Music - last session for us. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping out, what a great team with awesome church support! 

Zara at Boxday. (all songs were done in the box, very cute)

Zara even ate morning tea in her box!

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