Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Update from Albert

As promised, here is an update from Albert, as to what he is up to.

Albert here, I have hijacked this blog post at the request of my beautiful wife. I hope to be able to provide you with some regular updates along the way as to how my studies are going, to help keep you informed, and to help you know some specific prayer requests with regard to my studies.

Where am I studying?

I am studying at Mid America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana, which is about 40 minutes drive from Chicago City. The Seminary web address is

I am studying for a Masters in Divinity. This is a 3 year course.

Here is a list of my subjects in my first year:
·        Hebrew
·        Ancient Church History
·        Introduction to Apologetics
·        Theological Foundations
·        Church Education
·        Preaching and Public Worship
·        New Testament Greek
·        Sermon Types
·        Old Testament Canon/ Interpretation
·        Old Testament History: Pre Monarchy
·        New Testament Canon/ Environment/ Interpretation
·        Theology and Anthropology
·        Pastoral Care and Counselling
·        Applied Sermon

Phew! That sounds like a lot, and I am sure that it will be a challenge! Your prayers would be much appreciated!

So why Mid America Reformed Seminary?

We looked at a number of institutions, and did so in conjunction with friends, family, and our Session. In the end we chose Mid America for the following reasons:
  • Solidly Reformed
  • 3 year course, which means that we will be able to return to New Zealand to serve sooner.
  • The quality of past graduates that have come from Mid America
  • Their Ministerial Apprenticeship Programme that they run.
As we added the above reasons, and others, together, we felt that Mid America would be the best fit for us. This is not to look down on any way on any other institution; it was the place where on the balance of things we felt was the best one to attend.


At the moment I am working hard on my Greek Studies. I am aiming to test out of part of the Summer Greek course. The aim will be to start my studies with the second half of a Greek Intensive (Yes it does sound intense!), which starts toward the end of July. To do that I will need to test out of the first half of the Greek intensive course. To be honest, I am finding it difficult to balance my Greek Study, Family, Wife, and moving preparations at the moment. (Not in that order!). Something tells me that its an introduction to the balance that I will have to find when my studies begin proper!

I would appreciate your prayers as we go through this time of preparation. Firstly: that I will be able to get the study/ life balance right. I have been reading plenty of blogs with regard to the importance of wife and family in seminary training. It is not always easy to put that in practice! Secondly, that my final preparations for my Greek exam will go well, and that I may test out of the first half of Summer Greek.

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