Monday, May 14, 2012


It was a bitter sweet day on Saturday :(. We dropped Pesto off at her new home. Pesto didn't really know what was going on but she was very excited to be going somewhere with at least one of us, that's always good!

Again, God provided her with a home. Here is the short story :). 

I had two people interested in Pesto through word of mouth. Both people for their own reasons were unable to have her. I have appreciated the honesty of these people as having a dog, let alone someone else's, is a big commitment. 

I texted Albert once both had fallen through and told him that God must have a plan B for Pesto, HE just hasn't revealed it to me yet. I was not worried about it as God had looked after everything else and so re-homing the dog seemed pretty insignificant. When people inquired how we were doing etc., I would answer, only the dog is left!

One day Albert was home late from work and when I opened the door for him, both him and the police dog handler were at our door. I was surprised as I'm sure most people would be to have the police at your door! As it turned out, Albert knew him and got talking to him on the way home from work. As a offside comment, Albert asked him, did he know someone who wanted a dog? He said he would ask around. A couple of days later he texted us that he had found someone. (WOW, a big WOW!). I didn't want to get my hopes up but after some more information gathering (on both sides) and meeting with the potential new owners, it was all go! At the meeting, she wowed them with her tricks and affection. Even better the new owners love running and exercise which is just perfect for her. She will get the attention she needs as well as the exercise she needs, what more could I have prayed for? 

We dropped her off at her new house on Saturday and she seems to be settling in well. She discovered the cat biscuits very quickly, marked her territory , met the two resident cats and enjoyed the attention! 

I will miss her, I love her, she is the best running buddy but very grateful for an excellent home for her. 

Here is a YouTube video we made for one of the potential owners. 

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