Friday, May 11, 2012

Affco Tri Feb 2011

(Again a draft post in the making for umm a wee while now, never mind better late than never I suppose)

My first ever sprint Triathlon with my best friend Albert and my best training buddy Brydie.

His and hers bike, ah so romantic

Waiting for our briefing 

Who's that handsome man to the right of the photo?

Me and Brydie in the transition area from swim to bike

Coming in from the bike

Leaving for the hard part, the run

Again that handsome man again, going superfast!

I'm managing to run for the camera (thankfully the camera wasn't there on the hill otherwise they would have caught me walking some parts of the run ;) )


Our support crew, thanks heaps Papa and Mama and Brydie's husband Garth! You can't do events without a support crew!

A happy couple

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PS there is bound to be a picture post coming from the AFFCO Tri this year!

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