Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NY Trip Three - Federal Hall & 9/11 Memorial

Ok, here it is our final installment of our visits to NY! We so thoroughly enjoyed visiting the biggest city in America! A real treat, just to make it clear though, that is not why we chose to do our internship on this coast! Pompton Plains came highly recommened and Albert had a great summer and learned lots! NY was just the 'cherry on the top'!

The visit to the 9/11 memorial was very touching. Even though I'm not an American, it really was a worldwide disaster and to be there where the towers collapsed was quite emotional (and I'm NOT an emotional kind of person). I'm glad we visited! At the visitor centre we bought a photobook detailing the during and after of the burning towers, quite an impressive book. 

Of course while we were in NY, we also did some 'schoolwork' and visited some places of historic significance. The girls once again did a 'badge' at Federal Hall (for FREE of course), what a great way to learn history by being able to visit it! 

Broadway, NY I thought this was cool :)
Wall Street
For those who don't know,
George Washington was inaugurated here! 
He addressed the crowds from here!
Looking across the street from Federal Hall,
The Stock Exchange
The plaque of the first President of the USA
Inside the Federall Hall
(notice in the door, George Washington's statue)

Church across from Wall Street
(notice the homeless people?)
9/11 Memorial, thankfully we had ordered our tickets online
and we didn't have to wait long.
Security however was a strict as an airport
Freedom Tower
Construction/rebuilding under way
The memorials were VERY impressive. The photo's don't do it justice. Here are actually two reflecting pools each on the footprint of each of the towers. Around the reflecting pools are the names of all who died even the unborn, very sad :(. 

It's hard to capture on camera
the true magnificent of the pools 
It's quite a drop down
Notice the names?
Albert and Zara

This is the only tree that survived.
It's a long story, google it if you will
Proof we were both there :)
On our walks we came across this amazing sandcastle
Resting our feet :)

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