Thursday, February 27, 2014

Highest Point of New Jersey

On one of our last days in New Jersey we decided to visit the highest point in New Jersey. We naively thought that this would be free. Ha, joke's on us. We should have done our homework. It turned out that not only was there a fee for this State Park, out of town people paid double! Since we have an Illinois licence plate that kind of gave us away as being out of the NJ state. Since we drove 45minutes to get there, we were reluctant to turn around and go home but also we were not prepared to pay the out of town fee. Finally, thanks to a letter that Pompton Plains church wrote for the library/YMCA stating that Albert was working there over the summer, we were able to get in for the NJ price. Phew! We also didn't realise that people come here for the day to 'hike', swim and picnic. We didn't go swimming and only went to the very top and drove around (in our air conditioned car!) and went back home. 

Looking out of over NJ
Can we see NY?
As part of the highest point was also a tower. Since we came all this way, we decided to climb the tower, I probably now in hindsight regretted that. While the stairs might be a engineering miracle, I wasn't very fond of it and engineering aside, scared me. My heart was racing by the time I got to the top and it wasn't because I just climbed all those steps! I gave Albert my camera in the end as I just wanted to concentrate to get out as fast I as possible could! 

Spiral staircase, I could handle that, wait to see what came next!
Stairs only attached to the walls, argggg!
Nice view, not sure if the stairs are worth it!
Quick Albert, hurry up, I WANT to go down!
(standing on a platform attached to the wall!)
Loooong way down
Going down to safety
Look what we came across on our travels?

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