Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NY Trip Three - Brooklyn Bridge/Staten Island Ferry and THE Lady!

Here is the second to last installment of our NY trips. It's been a while now and while I'm typing this there is snow outside, it is hard to go back to when were in NY when it was soo hot! 

After reading Franci's email with regard to NY sights, we took off on our third trip to visit NY and had planned to visit the 9/11 memorial, take the free Staten Island Ferry and see the Lady, and finally walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Phew I think we managed to see most of the sights that Franci suggested! 

Like last time, we took the Path train in. We drove 45 minutes to the train station (Newark, took the commuter train (the PATH) for a 12 minute train under the Hudson river to NY. Once we got to NY, our feet were our mode of transport! We had been blessed by one of the families in Pompton Plains with some spending money, which we decided to use to have dinner  and an icecream in the city. We figured we might as well spend the maximum time in NY as this would be our last visit while we were in NJ. 

The girls were excellent again and being quite fit by this time, did very well with the long walk especially going over the Brooklyn Bridge. 

The Staten Island ferry was interested also. It's a free ferry and so every man and it's dog crams onto this ferry. We waited our turn and hopped onto the boot, I thought that we were doing quite well in getting a spot at balcony and wonder where everyone else was! Oh dear, was I wrong! The reason why my side of the ship was empty was because 'The Lady' was on the other side. Needless to say I didn't make that mistake twice and on the return trip, I nicely 'ran' to the right side of the ship to be in the prime position to take some photo's of 'The Lady'. I'm glad also that we didn't pay to see 'The Lady' as when we went past there was a HUGE crowd waiting to get in (circling a good part of the island), not to mention the heat that day! 

If you look careful you can see the
 people lining up at the bottom of the statue
Looking back at NY, notice the freedom tower at the left
Ferry (we like free :) )
On Staten Island, refueling :)
Notice how the ferry has a lean towards the side of 'The Lady'
Albert and 'The Lady'
(although his lady was taking the photo!)
Walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge (in the background)
Meg, I was thinking of you!
A dog park along the water front, no grass though, poor dogs
CHCH I was thinking of you, with the container shops!
What a treat M'M ice cream cones.
(We bought them in a grocery store, so much cheaper!)
A very busy Brooklyn Bridge
(Albert with the backpack on)
Our return trip, we walked over and walked back. 
Pizza and Sushi for dinner with some Mountain Dew for Mom.
(I needed that!)
The train - PATH
On the way home.
Back in NJ after a long day!
To be continued.....

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