Friday, February 14, 2014

Frozen Lake Michigan

Well, I thought instead of me writing another 'boring' post on finances, money or how we are REALLY doing and instead do yet another photo 'essay' of all this snow and ice we've been getting. According to the newspaper today was the first day to break freezing point since the 31st of January, that's a long time in the freezer!! Today after our homeschool group we went for a drive to Lake Michigan. WOW what a treat waited us there. It was still cold enough for us to need snow gear not not too cold that we would freeze instantly even with snow gear! So without much further ado, here are some photo's by yours truly!

Zara looking out towards the lake
The photo doesn't do it justice,
but what you see is all ice!
See the ice 'hills'? probably from the waves
Does this qualify as a 'selfie'?
If you look carefully you can see the water of the lake.
(Hint between the ice and the sky :) )
Close up of the ice 'hill's
Isn't it magnificent?

Family Photo!

Michaela, Grace, Kate and Zara
Lovely couple if I say so myself ;)

Notice the 'wave hills' to the right

You can see the water of the lake more clearly
On the snow/sand dune looking down.
Notice the weather coming in off the lake.
 PS For those interested, we are doing well and I will post a 'how we are' post soon. Also I'm hoping to 'catch up' on my summer posts as I really like to have a record especially for the girls what we all did. So you might have to bear with me while I post photo's at least 6 months old. 

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