Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Adventure

Well guess what? It snowed again, we must have been running out of snow :). Last year I kept a ruler in the snow to measure how much we were getting. I have given up as there is just too much snow. Also to put the record straight for all my USA friends. I have not prayed for snow specifically, I know you are all blaming me but I don't have such power :)! I'm however very much enjoying the unusual snowfall! And YES I've done my fair share of snow shoveling!! My neighbor let me use his snow blower today, now that's cool, can I have one? 

Since today was a great day temperate wise (about 25-30F, -4 to -1C, that feels just about tropical compared to -24C earlier in the week!) we decided to go on a little adventure to our good friends the Warners. Aaron had texted Albert earlier to say that he was building a snow slide in his backyard, we were welcome to come and try it! Since the snow plows hadn't been through yet we decided to walk the kilometer to their house! What a great adventure! Here is some photo evidence of our adventure today! 

Woke up to more snow
Snow gear
Trekking through the snow. Note the road is actually a
main thorough fare, the plows can't keep up! Illinois in
particular is VERY good in plowing, the snow just kept coming!
ahhh someone shoveled their path, that was nice :)
The Team!
Look at the roads! At least it's not FREEZING into ice
A Main intersection
The girls found a snow hill on their 'adventure'
Made it to the top!
It's ice underneath which made for a nice slide down
Aaron with his snow slide, AWESOME!
Boys at work
Kate and Josiah
Michaela and Josiah
Walking back home
Girls walking back on a sidestreet,
notice how it's not plowed. Main streets take priority.
Just about home :)
It was lovely to be outside and not instantly freeze, it just felt so warm :). 

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