Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zara's Birthday!

Here is Zara's Birthday in pictures :). 

A very excited girl up very early!
Dora 'eating' set
Michaela's presents for Zara, a 'horse' pillow
pet and a royal robe for Moon Light Star!
The 'rule' in our family is that when you turn five you are allowed to have your ears pierced. This is of course optional, some of the girls have done it at five and some a bit later :). Zara was very keen and so off to the mall we went. I picked Albert up for an extended lunch and drove to the mall. We treated the girls to the 'merry-go-around' and lunch. 

Albert and Zara
Waiting patiently to have her ears pierced.
Doing the deed.
All done, pretty pink heart earings!
 (this girl knows what she wants as she picked them
out from about 30 other choices!)
Lunch at Taco Bell - Zara's choice
Once we got home we skyped the grandparents so that Zara could open her presents from them. It is good as we are going to get for now :). 

Opa and Oma
WOW a doll set which included a pram, cot,
highchair all for about $14!!
(Thanks to Aldi's Christmas clearance!)
Pake and Beppe
They (I) bought her a Cinderella dress (Thanks Aldi!)
and some more Little Ponies.
Showing off her dress and pram

The same day a whole lot of snow fell as well more about that in another post!

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