Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michaela's Birthday Party

Here are some photo's of Michaela's birthday party which we held at the end of January 2013. Having a December birthday is always tricky. I had co-ordinated with two families a free Friday night to celebrate Michaela's birthday. Michaela chose the dinner which consisted of lots of party/finger food with plenty of raw veggies and dip.

I LOVE her VERY much as for dessert I made her (she and Grace helped) cakepops. Being VERY Dutch the cake-pop kits were very cheap at Aldi's and I thought that would make a nice dessert for Michaela's birthday. I was very impressed with the kits which I paid very little for and included everything including a mini gingerbread cookie cutter, cakepop sticks and even a display board! Excellent value for money at least the ingredients! As far as time, a lot of time, well I told you already that I love her very much! AND I'll stick to my day job and not cake-pop maker! The result as you can see is pretty cool. Being very processed, the cakepops tasted OK but I suppose when you are used to real butter, sugar and flour anything processed is below par!

80 Cake Pops!
Gingerbread Man
Our lovely neighbors who spoil us rotten!
You are never too old for the chocolate game!
Using our new bean bag toss game!

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