Saturday, February 23, 2013

Museum of Science and Industry - Part One

In Illinois State where we live are a lot of museums, most of them in the Chicago area. The entry fee not to mention the parking is a bit pricey and so what better than go to on one of their FREE days! One of the benefits of home-schooling is that we can go on a free day when everyone else is at school! 

So I went in January with a seminary family to the Museum of Science and Industry on one of their free days.We still had to pay for parking (which is $20) but apart from that the entire day was free! We even took our lunch! The girls and I had an absolute ball so much so that when Albert had some 'spare' time before he started the Spring Semester we went again (on a free day of course!)

One of the main highlights for me was the U-boat (U-505) that American's captured and salvaged. In doing this the American's got hold of the German Enigma 'typewriter' decoder. The Americans reckon that capturing this submarine was instrumental in winning WW2. Not only were the displays VERY fascinating which included, video, elaborate pictorial displays and physical displays but the ACTUAL captured U-boat was on display! WOW what a treat, the submarine is restored and the museum built a special 'bunker' to accommodate the U-boat! 

The second highlight was the restored Zephyr. This train broke the record between Denver to Chicago. The tour was very interesting and included a talking donkey! Apparently a real donkey made the trip as a mascot on that record breaking train ride!

The third highlight was the science area where they had real tornadoes, tsunamis, avalanches, lightning and a wind tunnel. No earthquake house though! 

On this trip we didn't see the space exhibit and so will elaborate more on this in part two! 

We are SO blessed to be able to go to these places which we haven't got in NZ. Here are some pics for you to see and there are plenty more to come in part two!

Talking donkey
"First Class Passengers"
Part of the U-505
Other side
Zara in the gallery Submarine Kitchen
Michaela on right 'steering' the sub
Grace on left
You could even see the bullet holes!
Taste and Smell Show with Kate and Michaela
Humongous Tractor 
Combine Harvester, VERY impressive
Airplane - been there done that ;)
Girls in the Tornado!

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