Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

We were invited for Christmas Eve to one of the seminary student families. So we spent an awesome afternoon/evening with an Italian family! We are so blessed to be able to share 'special' events with other families. 

We were treated to lots and lots and lots of Italian food, appetizers  main seafood/pasta meal, followed by a normal meal ie potatoes, salad, more seafood and then dessert. I made a Pavlova as my very small contribution. 

A couple of things I would like to share: 
- No disposable plates or cutlery which is very common. Us ladies (about five of us) did the dishes which took us ages but a great time to get to know each other.
- Soccer - The family are HUGE soccer fans and even have a soccer pitch on their front lawn with fake grass and hockey nets as goals! Izaak, Albert and some of the girls had a blast (in the cold) playing soccer!
- The house - I have never seen anything like it! They gave me a tour of the house which is something you see in magazines or TV, WOW. 
- Dogs - I got my dog fix as well, the puppy was gorgeous. 

For those who know we personally, you might be shocked that I even have a Christmas tree! I can't be  bothered with one, I'm too lazy. (Phew feel better now after that confession ;) ). Our neighbors donated their 'old' Christmas tree to us including lights and decorations! Albert and the girls put it up and took it down. I didn't lift a finger. The closer to Christmas it came the more presents ended up under the tree and those didn't come from us!

Christmas tree with presents underneath
An Italian Christmas tradition in this family,
seafood, pasta and more seafood!
All of the family (plus us and Izaak)
were seated for the Christmas dinner
Head Table
Playing Bingo as a family, so much fun although
 I kept winning. It started to get embarrassing
 as I didn't bring any of the prizes.
Mango, their gorgeous lab puppy!
Gingerbread house tree
One of about 9 trees in the house
Michaela and Mango
Zara playing

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