Thursday, April 18, 2013

Albert's Update 17 April 2013

(There is another post coming with an explanation plus video on the "Old man" Stick.)

Dr Beach giving Albert the "Old Man" Stick

A Busy Semester

It has been a long time. The pressures of this semester have meant that my blog contributions have had to be placed on hold for a wee while.

I am well, but the workload has been daunting this semester. I still have a number of significant papers to complete before the end of the Semester, and so I would appreciate your continued prayers. They help!
In the meantime here is some of my work for you to have a look at/ listen to.

I have given my first chapel message. You can download that here:

Here is a Sermon that I preached for Preaching Class.

And finally, a Paper I have just submitted:



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