Friday, April 5, 2013

Kate's Big Snow Balls

I'm learning a lot about snow. I hadn't thought about the fact that there is at least three different types of snow, (there might be more haven't experienced it yet!) wet and 'dry' and snow flurries. 'Dry' snow doesn't really make good snowballs/snowmens/snow fights! Wet snow however is great, it rolls great into HUGE snow balls and makes great snowfighting material! Flurries are very light snow flakes (these got me excited at first but after having experienced real snow, a bit of a disappointment). In the photo's here is wet snow, hence the snowman(s) and snowballs! It was pretty cold that day and so most of us didn't last very long apart from Kate, she persevered and spend a good part of the afternoon out there making HUGE snowballs. She was struggling to get the snowballs into our front yard and so I went out and helped her, no wonder she was having trouble, the snowballs were very heavy even I had trouble moving them. We accomplished the 'job'with a bit of good old fashioned team work! Go Kate! 

Snowman - in the neighbors yard
All of the family including our lovely neighbor
Snowman number 2
Kate with snowball number 3
Having a rest, it's hard work
and now there is four
Me helping Kate

Our snowball (they were too heavy to lift
otherwise I would have  made more snowmans)
Now there are five!

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