Monday, April 8, 2013

Snow Storm

Here are some pictures of our first 'snow storm'! While I'm sure the rest of Chicago was dreading this 'storm' we were looking forward to it! It is soo magical to watch the snow fall and accumulate. I (sorry I mean we) had a 'snow'ball! "No girls you can't shovel the driveway, GIVE me the shovel!" haha I pulled rank, you got to sometimes as a Mum surely! Don't worry the girls got plenty of play time with the shovel too! (We borrowed the lovely next door neighbors shovel as well!). The snow just kept falling, and falling and falling. The school next door finished early but mostly life goes on, it's amazing really. The amount of trucks plowing and salting the roads is quite amazing also. 

Isn't it gorgeous? 
Accumulating snow
Where is the footpath again? (Grace)

Grace, Zara and Michaela building a snowfort
snow fort
"Mama" Snow Angel"

Shoveling the paths
7 Inches and going

Next morning, notice the clear roads
Final measurement about 8 inches, AWESOME!

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