Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The next day we decided to go sledding during school time. Albert took afternoon off from studying (he had no classes) and came with us to go sledding on a 'sledding' hill. Believe it or not, there are not many hills around and these 'sledding' hills are made specifically in parks for this very purpose!
It was a cold day (as you can see from the gray sky) but the girls had a blast. I also went down a few times and really enjoyed it. We borrowed sleds from a neighbor up the road. We also took some of the girls of one of the seminary families with us. My camera ran out of batteries and so I haven't got too many photo's sorry :( hopefully better next year. I also took the girls again a day later but a lot of the snow had melted already, it made for some VERY muddy (fast) sledding! (Very thankful for my HUGE washing machine and dryer!)

Going up the hill
Looking down the hill, it is a fair way down,
it's hard to see
Albert testing the hill out!
The visiting girls having a go, my girls watching
Here are my girls going
Back up the hill
On your tummy is the best!
Kate and ? sorry my photography skills are amateur!

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Han said...

Woah that looks like HEAPS of fun! I can't wait to come and join you for sledding next year! I love snow :D