Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's rare to get a good picture from Kate and so here is one!

Just a little bit about Kate, just in case you don't know her!

- Loves Pooh bear, Lumpy (if you don't know who this is, you are missing out!). She loves Pooh bear so much that she struggles to watch the "Pooh Bear" movie as Pooh gets into trouble (just between adults, Pooh is a pretty stupid bear who only thinks about his stomach ;)!)
- "mama' Doggie - the red one. In fact this is doggie number three. We started with two once we realised Kate couldn't be without it. One got lost and so another one was bought. Dog number 2 is pretty worn out with just a few threads left for a tail! (She seems to suck his/her tail, don't know why when his/her ears are so much softer?) and so Dog no 3 arrived at the scene, brand new! She hasn't wanted to sleep with Dog no 2 again! Earlier this year we bought her another dog as a present but this time it is a smaller version of her beloved dog hence Dog no 3 is "mama Doggie" and the small Dog is "baby Doggie"! (there is also a jumbo 'doggie' available, might have to buy it for her birthday next year, just imagine her face!)
- soft toys in general in fact sometimes I wonder where Kate is in her bed as her soft toys have 'taken' over the bed! Roly from the toilet paper was a huge hit! (thanks to OMA for buying more toilet paper than she knew what to do with in order to get us another Roly!)
- her favourite colour is ..... you guessed it RED. She even asked for her new profile at Kindy House to be red! The teacher said that she was the first one to ask for a specific colour.
- She doesn't like wearing pants or 'old/kindy' clothes for that matter. I make her wear pants when she is biking and "old" clothes for Kindy. As soon as she gets home from Kindy, on go her skirt or dress! (with matching socks, red ofcourse!)
- Puzzles - she is very good and patient at doing puzzles something which the other girls have done but not shown the same enthusiasm
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