Friday, October 15, 2010

The Beach Part 5 - After....

and here they are WET! ok I did let them get wet and experience the waves, you can't go to the beach and not get wet can you? Thankfully being the good mother I am I had bought spare towels (although not enough for everyone, ok maybe I'm not such a good mother after all!) and some spare clothes for the younger two girls!

A very proud Gracie, completely wet. Just for the record, I didn't take off my jersey all day!

Oh, here is Kate wet. I'm a bad mother now as Kate fell in the water as the waves went back out to sea, it scared her (I WAS watching don't worry) but before I calmed her down I told her to stand still so that I could take a photo from her completely wet. Grace had deliberately got wet, being this wet was not what Kate had in mind! I suppose having some healthy respect for the sea is not a bad thing at all!

Sisters having water fun!

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This ended our day at the beach. It didn't end my day however it only just started! I de-sanded and dried the girls as much as possible and put them in the car. I fed them an icecream from McDonalds (aren't they the ultimate cheap treat?) I figured a bit of icecream mixed with sand will come out in the wash! When we got home, the girls showed, I de-sanded the clothes and washed! After the girls and me were clean again I very nicely texted Albert that it was his turn to cook. Being the very nice Wife I am I e-mailed him some dinner suggestions. (thanks D.ominos!). He obliged (thanks heaps!) and so all in all, a very nice day out!
It's the simple things in life that count isn't it?

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